Ripcasting Audio lets you do live broadcast of mac’s audio, and listen to it on a different mac or iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can use it, for example, to monitor the audio capture by your mac’s internal microphone from a different mac in another room, or on your iPhone when away. No additional software is required to listen to the broadcast.

Ripcasting Audio also supports live capture of your mac’s system audio. You can use it to remotely listen to whatever audio your mac is currently playing. For example, you can use it to remotely listen to your music collection playing on your mac. By giving out the access URL, Login and Passcode, you can even share with other people of what is playing on your mac.

Using Ripcasting Audio is easy. Simply starting Ripcasting Audio on the mac you want to broadcast the audio, and click the Connection button to obtain the remote connection URL, Login and Passcode. To listen to the audio remotely, simply open a browser and enter the URL, Login and Passcode. See our Quick Start Guide.

The app is also light-weight and unobtrusive, so you can leave at the background while running other tasks on the mac.

  1. • Quick access from mac’s status icons.
  2. • Works with any mac compatible audio input devices.
  3. • Support broadcasting of mac’s speaker output. It will live broadcast whatever is being played by the mac.
  4. • Selectable audio quality suitable for Wi-Fi or 3G.
  5. • Unobtrusive and light-weight, designed to do background capture.

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here